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Garlic Bread
Special Kebab

donner kebab & chicken tikka

Calzone Kebab

Mozzarella cheese pizza sauce & donner meat

Donner meat & chips

no salad included

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Chicken Strips Salad

mixed salad with coated chicken

Meatballs Pasta

Pork meatballs in garlic & red pepper sauce

Jalapeno Poppers (6 pieces)
Chicken Pasta

Chicken & mushroom in a creamy tomato sauce

Barbecued Spare Ribs (pork)
Meatballs Pizza

Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, garlic, pork meatballs & red onions,

Seasoned Potato Wedges
Chicken Burger (Battered)

Served with  mayonnaise

Hippo Special Pizza

Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, mushroom, deli ham, salami, pepperoni, peppers, red onion & olives,

4 Mini Chicken Fillet in Batter
Chilli Burger